ASP.NET Interview Questions

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When I create a new ASP.NET 4 web application, the web.config file is almost empty. What happened to all the configuration elements that were there prior to ASP.NET 4?

What is the difference between EnableViewState and ViewStateMode properties

ASP.NET Page is very slow. What will you do to make it fast

Explain SQL Injection Attack with an example ?

Explain Dependency Injection with an example ?

Interview Questions related to Dependency Injection ?

What is the process of strong naming an assembly ?

Interview Questions related to strong named assemblies

What is DLL HELL in .NET?

How is the DLL HELL problem solved in .NET?

What is the difference between layers and tiers?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a layered architecture

What is the difference between const and static read-only member?

Linq Interview Questions Part 1

Linq Interview Questions Part 2

Best pactices in developing web applications - Part 1

Best pactices in developing web applications - Part 2

ASP.NET Interview Questions on Data Access Security

ASP.NET Interview Questions on HTTP modules and HTTP Handlers

ASP.NET Interview Questions on Themes and Skins

ASP.NET Interview Questions on DataSet

ASP.NET Interview Questions on Globalization

C# Interview Questions - Arrays

XML Interview Questions - Validating XML documents

XML related Interview Questions

ASP.NET Interview Questions on caching application data

ASP.NET Interview Questions on fragment caching

ASP.NET Interview Questions on caching

Application build related ASP.NET Interview Questions

ASP.NET Interview Questions on Master Pages

ASP.NET Interview Questions on Passport authentication

SSL and HTTPS related ASP.NET Interview Questions

ASP.NET Interview Questions on forms authentication

ASP.NET Interview Questions on windows authentication

Frequently asked ADO.NET Interview Questions

Basic ADO.NET Interview Questions

Interview Questions on ASP.NET controls

ASP.NET Interview Questions on Cookies

ASP.NET Events related Interview Questions

Interview Questions on ASP.NET Exception Handling

Managed Code and Unmanaged Code related ASP.NET Interview Questions

Interview Questions on ASP.NET Page navigation techniques

Interview Questions on Query Strings in ASP.NET

ASP.NET Interview Questions on web application Security

ASP.NET Session State and Application State Interview Questions

Techniques to send data from one web form to another web form

ASP.NET Interview Questions on Tracing

Transactions related ASP.NET Interview Questions

Interview Questions on ASP.NET Validation controls

ASP.NET ViewState related Interview Questions

Web Application maintainance related ASP.NET Interview Questions

ASP.NET Interview Questions on web farm and web garden

ASP.NET Interview Questions on web user controls

Interview Questions on ASP.NET Custom Controls

Interview Questions on cascading style sheets


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